Driving the Digital Buying Journey with Situation Based Marketing Automation

According to Gartner, customers use digital channels at all stages of their buying journey. To meet them there, you need to market towards situations that your customers find themselves in instead of Personas. Here, we show you how!


“Customers use digital channels at all stages of their buying journey.”

Gartner, 2018


Over 87% of our customers gather information on digital channels before, during and after a purchase.

This means that it is no longer we who are driving a sales process towards the customer - but the customer who is driving a buying process towards us.

We must meet the customer on their turf: Online.

To do this, we need to revise the way we segment our customers. Our customers are not attributes such as their industry, role or persona. They are individuals who find themselves in situations we can help them solve.

To succeed, we need to create buying journeys that target the situations our customers find themselves in.

“We need to look past the customer's persona and instead market to the situations they find themselves in."

Learn more: How to build situation-based buying journeys

Download our presentation, where we show you how you can build buying journeys based on the situations your customers frequently find themselves in tricky situations you can help them get past. We illustrate with journeys built by us and by our customers, so that you know exactly what to think about when building your own buying journeys.

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Example of a situation based buying journey

Start with an insight targeting the situation your customers may find themselves in. Offer your insight in for example a guide behind a form. Produce articles and other content about the situation and the insight, and spread this content via social media and paid ads.

Continue nurturing contacts who download your guide with educational and relevant content, and get in touch when your customer is interested in talking.

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